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in N. America call   1-714-464-3214  

en CR teléfono   8949-4045  

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Getting Here, and Getting Around Once You're Here

Our interactive map, below, can help you plot your routes! If you're arriving from a distance, you'll probably fly into Juan Santamaría International Airport, in the town of San José.

There are taxi and bus services available to and from the airport, including Kevin's Transfers, which operate several van shuttles starting at $110 for two people, $10 for each additional person, and a $10 fee if a trip begins between 10pm and 5am. (770) 892-8284 from the United States.

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Note that because Hermosa Bungalows lays 1 kilometer (0.6 mile) down a private road from the main road (the Autopista) the "A" or "B" marker indicates where the two roads meet. The red pin is Hermosa Bungalows.

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